Selected Credits

  • January '12 Cinematography/Editing "Alex The Great" Kayln Rock (Hudson, NY) - view video
  • December '11 Editing "Budding Genius" Czerlonka-LaRoche Event Design and Planning (Boston, MA)
  • November '11 Cinematography/Editing "Promising Ireland Campaign Video" The American Ireland Fund (Boston, MA)
  • October '11 Cinematography "Featured Scientist: Kakani Katija" The Journal of Visualized Experiments (Boston, MA)
  • May '11 Cinematography/Editing "The American Ireland Fund Honors Muhammed Ali" American Ireland Fund (New York, NY)
  • August '10 Cinematography, "Mary", Simihan Productions (Boston, MA) - view video
  • Dec. '09 Writing/Directing/Editing, "How I Killed Mumblecore", Orange Chair Productions (Chicago, IL) - view video
  • July '09 Writing/Cinematograpy/Editing, "The Garden of the Madman", Hello kid projects (Boston, MA)
  • January '09 Cinematography/Editing, "Students Discuss Obama's Book and Their Identity", Facing History and Ourselves (Chicago, IL)
  • October '08 Program Mentor, "Hush", IFP Chicago Summer Mentorship Program (Chicago, IL)
  • April '08 Writing/Cinematography, "And He Just Comes Around And Dances With You", Hello kid. Projects (Chicago, IL) - view video
  • August '07 Directing/Cinematography/Editing, "For Tha Record" Tha Movement (Memphis, TN)
  • March '07 Cinematography/Editing, "Students Journey Through the Civil Rights South", Facing History and Ourselves (Memphis, TN)
  • September '06, Editing, "The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing" Miz Kafrin Productions (Memphis, TN)
  • Dec. '05 Writing/Directing/Editing, "Dollars & Signs", Media Co-op Production (Memphis, TN)

Additional Work Experience

  • June '11 – October '11 Teaching Assistant, The Maine Media Workshops Film Program (Rockport, ME)
  • January '10 – May '11 Post-Production Supervisor, The Journal of Visualized Experiments (Boston, MA)
  • June '08 – October '08 Instructor, IFP Chicago Summer Mentorship Program (Chicago, IL)
  • September '07 – May '08 New Media Volunteer, Obama National Headquarters (Chicago, IL)

Screenings, Press and Recognition

  • Sept. 2010. "Review: How I Killed Mumblecore," by Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix.
  • April. 2010. "Low budget indie wins Siskel Center premiere" by Ruth L. Ratny, Reel Chicago.
  • 2010. Film Fellowship Recipient, Somerville Arts Council, Fellowship, Somerville, MA.
  • 2007. Grantee, Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, Chicago, IL.
  • June 2006. "Pulled pork and social protest inspire latest local indie films", by John Beifuss. The Commercial Appeal.

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